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Business, Commercial, & Employment Litigation

The firm has extensive experience representing clients in "business law" suits, a category that includes actions like the following:

  • Actions alleging breach of contract

  • Actions alleging business torts

  • Actions alleging wrongful termination or the violation of statutes relating to employment discrimination (e.g., Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the ADA, and Title VII);

  • Actions alleging discrimination in public accommodations (e.g. Unruh Civil Rights Act and Fair Housing Act).

  • Actions alleging unfair competition;

  • Actions alleging infringement of copyrights and trademarks

  • Actions alleging unfair treatment of shareholders 

Appellate Litigation

The firm has years of experience in federal and state civil appellate litigation, including writ practice.  The practice also includes bankruptcy appellate litigation before district courts, the Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, and the Ninth Circuit.

Judgment Enforcement

The firm is experienced in the enforcement of judgments.

Bankruptcy Litigation

The firm is experienced in the litigation of contested matters and adversary proceedings in the bankruptcy court.  The firm has prevented debtors from discharging debts and has had debtor claims of exemption disallowed.

Other Practice Areas

The firm can provide representation in disputes with administrative   agencies, including the California Department of Industrial Relations and Internal Revenue Service..

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